Investment Process

Digitech leverages its unique, patented investment process to generate outstanding returns with very low risk.  The investment process utilizes a two-tiered transactional structure whereby the initial investment is in a secure, hard asset that  generates regular leasing revenues from operators and can be resold at the end of the investment period. 

The proceeds from the leasing contract are then reinvested into a higher potential return, private equity investment, targeting above-market premiums.  These investments are in the form of leveraged buyouts of middle-market companies located in North America. 

Thus Digitech has potential to achieve superior returns for its investors based on the performance of its private equity investments.  The secured investment structure of the transaction ensure that Digitech's total investment is at very low risk with an expected minimum return of cost in the hard asset investment.  Investors are able to benefit from the high potential returns of the private equity leveraged buyouts while maintaining a minimal risk profile due to the very low risk of loss of the secured investment.